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Video Bullet Points

Video Bullet Points

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Webinar Fail !…..

webinar fail


How can you turn a Fail into a SUCCESS…….learn from it!




The Fail

A short time ago we posted that we would like to host a Live Webinar; a live feed session where we would put ourselves on the podium so to speak and be there to answer your questions directly.

We wanted to allow ourselves to be ‘roasted’ live by searing questions that have been on your minds for a while; not in some masochistic manner but more to show that we are real, committed and not least, open and honest. We were prepared to bust open the play book and share anything you needed to know and were looking forward to hearing your feedback and sensing your engagement and enthusiasm in how this development is coming along.nobody came

Its not quite clear yet where we went wrong but the end result was that there was no real engagement in that idea. With such a large newsletter signup group, the fail, we think, it less to do with your collective interest in how we are doing and more to do with the medium that we were thinking of offering….a sign up and almost make an appointment to be there at a specific time just doesn’t work with many – certainly in our family its hard. Plus probably the amount of media promotion we put out there to let yourself and the folks know what we were thinking of presenting was no doubtably weak.

It did feel like someone burst our bubble or perhaps a better comparative; the house party where nobody turned up! The end result was that with such a low turnout it would have been better to just host a google hangout to be honest – which would have been interesting anyway; certainly more intimate but less effective overall in answering the general questions.



The Win – Video bullet points

So what did we do…firstly recognize that we failed to offer something that worked for the average Joe and probably failed in the way that we advertised that it was coming soon too. The next thing was to realize that we should try an alternative because the information that we wanted to share is still relevant and important.

It was literally while out on the golf course that we chatted and thought we would put out a series of videos to share small bite sized information bullet points.

To be honest the initial idea was to put someone professional in front of a camera; someone who can deliver a script and project themselves; someone who can come across as believable and sincere; and finally to come complete with an appropriate green screen background and wardrobe no doubt. I’m sure that would have been excellent as to me the main point of the effort was to get information over to people in a clear and concise manner and surely a paid professional was the way to go.


Video ad pic


However, the rest of the team suggested that if it was that clean cut and polished it may not always come across as “local guy making this happen” or “have believable passion and knowledge” or just “straight forward, no BS info”


We talked about it as we progressed around the course and we decided there and then that as soon as we found a quiet background and we were out of the way of the other golfers we’d try something.

We split up the series of bullet points into casual 3 or 4 minutes slice topics; connected the camera to the golf cart with the wife’s hair tie and had fun with it….well as much as you can while being serious about finance

They came out as you would expect – non-professional; no script; impromptu; one take and no post editing other than including a header title…….so no Oscar nominations coming our way but in the end we felt it achieved our goals – to deliver information as clearly as we can in an everyday manner and as openly and sincerely as we can


The first set of bullet points was focused on the Founders Club Share based membership as there had already been a few questions bounced our way about key topics such as:

  • How safe is my money
  • How do I get my money back
  • Who gets the money
  • How is the money used
  • What’s in it for me

Our next bullet points will hopefully be centered around follow up questions that have been prompted by this initial bullet point presentation.

For the moment though we welcome you to check out the current selection to answer any thoughts you may have had about the Founders Club share and look out for any upcoming topics


Feel free to email us your questions that could be featured in the next bullet point presentation; so far we have:

  • Key milestones of the next steps
  • Time line to completion
  • When will the regular memberships be available





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