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The only $10,000 gun give away!

The only $10,000 gun give away!

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

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Membership has its privilege.


We have always said that The Founders Club is a select, limited, inspired team of front leaders that understand that being a member of the Premier Shooting Center facility has its privileges but having the foresight to step up and be one of the elite Founders’ Club, within that discerning group, garners its own special recognition and rewards that only we can offer

To highlight the type of privilege you will receive and to show we stand by what we say in recognizing early adopters, we have identified with two key players that are well known in their own rights and in their own worlds, to bring you a chance to win something extra special and in step with the quality and cache we want to offer:


  • Tactical Ordnance  3-gun shotgun that has proven its worth on the competition scene. With many wins under its belt it has proven its self in speed, accuracy and reliability 




  • Cadex Defence  precision rifle, built for the sharp end of life in the military; and in fact constructed by the very same tier one company that built the rifle in question for the Canadian Sniper that recently the hit world news after his record breaking shot.

          If this is good enough for our boys its damn good enough for you !





There’s no catch; there’s no hidden charge or cost….its just another example of the privilege of being a Founder and share holder



After you sign up here and as soon as your Founders’ Club Share Certificate is assigned to your name, you are dropped into the draw* for your chance to win!


Secure your chance to

win $10,000

worth of guns!

All we are asking is if you would please you show your commitment to support the shooting fraternity and build on the footprint we are developing for our community and


Forward this link along to your friends……

where they can Read the benefits, perks and privilege of the Founders’ Club



Absolutely, we wont deny, this is our way of self promoting….but let’s face it, the benefits are just as much yours ….

  • You get to be part of an exclusive club
  • Invest and own a share at what will be Ontario’s destination shooting facility
  • Guarantee yourself one of the limited membership spots available first year in the Premier Shooting Center – ahead of everyone
  • Shoot with your friends in a new contemporary environment
  • Experience a new standard in expectation for a modern shooting range
  • Able to use all of your firearms in one place – no need for multiple memberships


It pays to be a member …


*Yes there will be a rules and regulations paper released. The lawyers are all nervous over this one so be ready for the fact that you have be legally able to own a firearm; that there will be a minimum number of shares sold before the draw becomes active; the options or firearms could be changed without notice; draw date to be announced….you know all the usual comments you see on a tim hortons winning cup eh haha

Inclusion of the items in the gun give away does not denote that the firearms companies are involved with, supportive of or invested with Premier Shooting Center in any way. The firearms are purchased under the PSC name and there is no business relationship what so ever between the manufacturers and PSC.


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