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The Founders’ Club


The Founders Club

The Founders Club is just that; a select, limited, inspired team of front leaders that understand that being a member of the Premier Shooting Center facility has its privileges - but having the foresight to step up and be one of the elite Founders Club within that discerning group garners its own special recognition and rewards that only we can offer

When you are a leader and innovator; someone who aligns with the vision we are establishing at the facility, you deserve to be recognized.


Reward yourself

You are passionate about the shooting sport and environment anyway, so why not include yourself in this limited club within a club.

We feel that independent thinking and commitment should see its own rewards so we have put together a rewards program that sets its self apart from any other club in Ontario.

We know Premier Shooting Center will be special in all that we offer but like you, we want to go beyond the expected and present the Founders Club, a way for you to enhance your experience at the facility.

Why shouldn’t you have preferential treatment and offers; why shouldn’t you be invited to evenings with our special guests; and we certainly wouldn’t expect you to wait for a shooting lane or ever be disappointed that you couldn’t get into a competition or course.

Being a ‘Founder’ comes with preference and privilege

We are limiting this Founders Club Level privilege to 350 people only !.

Membership in the Founders Club provides access to premium benefits and exclusive opportunities that rewards inclusion:

  • SHARE based membership  one time buy-in of only $3999 that offers the individual many rewards, offers and privileges....Yes you really will own a share of the land !
  • The share is fully !.....all the Founders' benefits convert over to the new share holder too.
  • The share can be sold by the holder with no cost or fee structure - what ever value increase you sell the share for is based on your private sale
  • The Founders'Club share guarantees a Premier Shooting Center membership spot and in the first year, where the influx pressure will be high, the Founders Club inductees will have preference to join and be the first to shoot!
  • Founders will enjoy a scaled reduction in cost of PSC yearly memberships
    • Yr 1 – 15% discount off annual membership
    • Yr 2 – 20% discount off annual membership
    • Yr 3 – 25% discount off annual membership
    • Yr 4 – 30% discount off annual membership
    • Yr 5 – 35% discount off annual membership

(Ultimately that will give you one of the cheapest memberships in Ontario !)

  • 15% discount off pro shop purchases.
  • Exclusive deals and savings from the on-line Pro shop - only available to Founders Club members
  • Exclusive savings offered from business partner programs
  • Member driven ‘bulk-buy’ savings through the online Pro shop
  • Guaranteed space on any shooting course held on site
  • Guaranteed space for any competition held on site
  • Exclusive first notice and sign up for special guest events
  • Exclusive invitation only VIP events
  • Automatic draw entry (per share) for the $10,000 gun give away
  • 4 free guest passes
  • Name displayed prominently on the Founders Club plaque at the Premier Shooting Center
  • Distinctly exclusive Founders Club access card that identifies you as a core supporter

Value Perception is not about dollars and cents; it’s about what matters to you! That said as part of your value perception we want you to know and feel that the Founders Club is above reproach and we maintain our level of open transparency in all that we do and so we offer some answers below to the common thought questions in our FAQ.

However, even after reading the obvious questions, we strongly encourage you to call or email with any specific questions you might have so that we can offer as much information to you, for you to decide on your own value perception of this offer.

 We will add to the FAQ as inquiries accumulate


  • Why should I trust you?…..I have read about others that have tried and failed to open a range
    • In any business if you don’t trust or feel right about a deal then it probably isn’t the right business for you.However, in fairness, we have spent almost 3 years to develop a full and very data driven business plan; we have engaged with experts; we have developed excellent relations with the township; we know the demographic; and finally we have been and will always be as transparent as we possibly can be ….in fact we even always publish the personal cell number of the CEO so you can get questions answered immediately!However, we understand what you mean and feel – this is about your investment money.It should be stressed right from the get-go that your money isn’t coming to us the management, it goes directly to a corporate business Trust account that is fully traceable – both in and out. Fund transfer for the sale of the Founders’ Club shares will be through secure transfer which is traceable (the same security online system that Paypal uses) and the funds go directly into the trust account which is administered by T Rynard Law (Barrie). which has limitations of its use.Going above and beyond, we have set up the Trust account criteria to be succinct in limiting how the funds can be used. The trust papers basically say that the funds can only be used for direct corporate use and disallow and potential for non direct expenditure Going Over the top in our efforts to protect your money and to be as professional and open as we can possibly be - we have worked with T Rynard Law (Barrie) over the last months to develop a fully sanctioned Offering Memorandum that gives a very deep look at the investment fund money; how its used, where it goes, risk potential, gains potential, rights and limitations of your purchased share - and so much more. THIS IS SANCTIONED BY THE FINANCIAL SECURITIES OF CANADA
      • We have had a ‘big range’ trying to set up just north of Toronto before - How do I know you're not going to disappear!

      Sadly, its true that developing a range, especially such as this facility is hard: financially, personally, there’s the obvious red tape; and external issues that have you fighting forward every week. So where others have failed I would suggest that I’m sure there are mixed reasons why they haven’t fully realized their efforts. I would suggest though that the common denominator could be preparation and a fully developed business plan!

      We have spent years in developing a solid relationship with the Kawartha Lakes region township decision makers. We have chosen the land area specifically because it affords the right criteria to support the business plan – not the other way around. We have the ‘go ahead’ with local authorities before looking to build which means the range is fully supported by the municipality which drastically reduces any roadblocks that could stall/stop the build of the range. The decision to build this range is based on solid market analysis and data; we know the local demographics, travel corridors, proximity to other range options and their shooting discipline offerings; we’ve polled the other ranges within 1.5hrs drive on the number of people they hold on their waiting list; and have fully flushed out the financials with CPA’s, CFO’s and industry associates.

      In short then, this is a business that we have invested personally and committed that financial confidence, there is no way we are walking away when we are at the door step of putting the shovel in the ground.


      • With the range not open yet and I am concerned for the risk of losing my $4K investment?

      This is an investment, so its fair to say that there is risk and reward. If an Apple share was purchased there isn’t a banker would ever tell you that it will guarantee a profit point. Of course we all know that so it comes down to a level of risk mitigation….in that case you are leveraging their history and brand name

      For us as a start up we have neither right now all we have is the business plan a definite market just waiting for us to open and all the dominoes stood in place waiting to be tipped over and start the momentum

      So it comes down to risk mitigation:

      As part of any risk mitigation in any decent business plan we have considered many roadblocks and scenarios where the end result was negative for the company and developed a threat mitigation plan for those scenarios against loss of funds.

      Some aspects that we have covered and have defensive actions in place against are:

      • Land purchase falls through
      • Zoning not achieved
      • EIS delays
      • Planning dept delays
      • 2nd round funding falls through
      • CFO delays and/or redesigns

      We have expanded on this in the Offering Memorandum that we have developed with T Rynard Law (Barrie). This paper is an in-depth look at risk in many avenues and expands on the specific concern and risk mitigating measures.

      We cannot express deeply enough that you should read the full prospectus before purchase so that you are fully informed and can call or email to ask any other questions that apply to you if they are not answered within the prospectus

      The short version though, that seems to be the key question is, “what is the maximum exposure”

      We estimate the maximum threat potential to your buy-in Founders Club membership is from 0% up to 12% loss* ($480) as your share actually provides part ownership of the land

      *Based on the max membership of 350 members


      • What guarantees can you offer

      We are currently working with T Rynard Law (Barrie) lawyer to ensure that

      • the writing of the financial Prospectus is in full accordance with the Financial Securities of Canada;
      • The writing of the Founders Club certificate clearly identifies the bearer as a share holder
      • The deposited funds go directly to an administered trust account.

      So that when you see your Certificate come through in your mail you know the commitment to ensure your membership and fund security are treated with full adherence to the intent of delivering a quality and preferred service level and/or that any risk level is kept to the maximum levels stated.

      In short your guarantees are being supported through established legal criteria ….not just our word.


      • What is the project's probable/realistic chance of success?

      The biggest roadblocks to all range startups are the big three: Environmental, Acoustic, Local Municipality by-laws.

      We have spent almost 3 years working these issues and have a path forward. The location allows for a shooting range in terms of EIS; the distance to the nearest dwelling is approx. 4.5km which over comes the current and future acoustic concerns and the by-laws allow for a range and in fact the local municipal authorities are very much looking forward to the facility as they see the positive effects on the local economy.

      So as far as any range is concerned in Ontario I would say that we have a greater chance of success than any other facility of this size

      Being a fact and data driven project its’ difficult to quantify but as a guide it is not unreasonable to consider >85% at this time and climbing with each step forward.


      • Where does the rest of the money come from?We have had a ‘big range’ trying to set up just north of Toronto before - How do I know you're not going to disappear!

    Once we have secured the land and secured the zoning /build permissions the next huge step is the build out. This is where the key investor steps up.We have secured the majority of the range build investment through an equity buy-in from a military and police uniform and tactical gear manufacturer to countries over the world. There is a very high likelihood that you have his gear in your range bag right now; probably purchased from some of the key well known commercial outlets across Canada. He imports more than 100 shipping containers a year, just to Canada and with his largest clients in Germany taking receipt of over 300 shipping containers he has a very large footprint in the market space.The gentleman has a deep seated passion for shooting and seriously wants to see this endeavor succeed. However, he is all about business and lives for that ROI and believes in this development. In other words he is a very successful business man because he doesn’t let his passion interfere with solid business….and he sees this development as solid business Once we have the zoning secured and he then steps up, look for a huge marketing campaign where I look forward to introducing his company and his name personally.

    • If I sign up to the Founders Club, when will I be able so actually shoot on the range?

    Here is a general timeline

    • Expectations are that we will secure the land by mid-summer 2017
    • EIS will begin immediately and have a 3-season report completed by late Fall 2017
    • Achieve zoning early spring 2018
    • Planning submittal early spring 2018
    • Start build late summer/ mid Fall 2018
      • Staged build out to enable open house as fast as possible
      • Initial build to include:
        • Club house
        • 25m
        • 100m
        • 400m
        • Shotgun skeet / trap
        • Competition bays
        • Shoot houses
        • Open house late 2018

    The goal is to open house and see Founders Club members having the opening shoot in 18 – 20 months


    • Is the Founders Club membership transferable?


    This share actually gives you a share of the land and like any ‘land transaction’ you will be able to transfer and sell you share to your friends and family or to others looking to mature their investment whether they shoot or not

    This model has been seen to have been very lucrative to another successful shooting club relatively close by in Ontario where members are selling their shares to the club for 10’s of thousands now!

    You share additionally secures the holder generous benefit programs through the Premier Shooting Center and to add further value to the Founders’ Club share option, we are extending the Founders benefits to whomever the share is transferred to; this adds value in its self, due to the inherent cost savings programs


    • What does it look like if everything works out?

    Please check out the link to the 3D rendering that was made to give a better visualization and flow of the shooting range to aid in discussions during our investment sourcing period.

    It is a rendering and so the layout is more of an estimated layout impression and the final design will have heavy input from the office of the CFO to ensure we are leading the front when it comes to safety and security. It does give a decent impression of how the site will look

    • Can you tell me more about the $10,000 gun give that real !?

    Yes it is real...your name gets automatically added into the draw once your Founders' Club share certificate is assigned to your purchase.

    You have to purchase a share to be eligible for the draw. You will get one draw ticket per share purchased. There needs to be a minimum of 220 Founders' Club memberships sold. The firearms maybe exchanged for a similar model by PSC if availability is an issue without notice. Cadex and Tactical Ordnance have a backlog which at this time cannot be controlled and so the presentation of the winning tickets is to be scheduled. no cash alternative. Open only to Canadian Citizens. Confirmation will be required that the recipients are legally able to possess the winning firearms. Full terms and conditions

Founders Club

  • With the Founders Club rewards program the Founders Club member can maintain their inclusion whether they have a Premier Shooting Center membership or not
  • Rewards are gained every time you use the range or even buy your range supplies or targets through the pro-shop or take that exclusive member card out to book your spot on that course or competition
  • This is the only program that sees your shooting center range membership reduce each year (capped at 35% off regular membership rate)
  • You get real tangible returns on your Founders Club Membership
  • Real tangible perks and preferential treatment
  • Automatic entry to win $10,000 gun giveaway*

if you have any further questions not covered here then please email us direct


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