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Special Report – The Founders’ Club Membership

Special Report – The Founders’ Club Membership

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

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The buzz words for this month are: Founders’ Club !


There is always a lot going on below the water line here but we are pleased to share about a huge topic that has gained enough background work that we can now share some detail.

In this case its all about the Founders’ Club preferred level membership

There has been a new tab added on the web page that gives far more information of the benefits and although it is still fluid and in development; where various benefits are being added to or matured as this flows forward, we knew you would want to know as soon as we could get this information out there. For sure though, it is fair to say that this is a very attractive package as in some ways

…. it rewards you to shoot!

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It presents your first opportunity to be part of this development as we move forward and is designed to appreciate and reward those that step up and call themselves leaders, early adopters and have the same commitment in seeing this development happen as we do!

The Founders’ Club is viewed as a preferential level which offers some definite perks. From the obvious financial benefits of being able to secure a membership to the Premier Shooting Center ahead of everyone else; to being on the invite list for special events and courses – some of which will be arranged specifically for the Founders’ Club members only

Imagine being invited to a limited attendance demo by a celebrity shooter; maybe an evening with a decorated Vet who shares some inspiring insights; or securing your bargain in the Founders’ Club bulk buy program through the pro-shop.membership Card


While we haven’t ironed out details yet but we are looking to align with local businesses whereby the preferred Founders’ Club members would realize additional off-site benefits such as restaurants / merchandise locations / accommodation.


Its about preference and privilege and to maintain that sense we are limiting this membership option to 300 people only!


Membership in the Founders Club provides access to premium benefits and exclusive opportunities that rewards inclusion:

  • The Founders Club membership is a one time buy-in of only $4K that offers the individual many rewards, offers and privileges.
  • It guarantees a Premier Shooting Center membership spot and in the first year, where the influx pressure will be high, the Founders Club inductees will have preference to join and be the first to shoot!
  • Founders will enjoy a scaled reduction in cost of PSC yearly memberships
    • Yr 1 – 15% discount off annual membership
    • Yr 2 – 20% discount off annual membership
    • Yr 3 – 25% discount off annual membership
    • Yr 4 – 30% discount off annual membership
    • Yr 5 – 35% discount off annual membership

(Ultimately this will give you the cheapest membership in Ontario !)

  • 15% discount off pro shop purchases.
  • Exclusive deals and savings from the on-line Pro shop – only available to Founders Club members
  • Exclusive savings offered from business partner programs
  • Member driven ‘bulk-buy’ savings through the online Pro shop
  • Guaranteed space on any shooting course held on site
  • Guaranteed space for any competition held on site
  • Exclusive first notice and sign up for special guest events
  • Exclusive invitation only VIP events
  • 4 free guest passes
  • Name displayed prominently on the Founders Club plaque at the Premier Shooting Center
  • Distinctly exclusive Founders Club access card that identifies you as a core supporter


lawyers office

Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s…its why the legal folks get paid the big bucks ! 

We all know the phrase that “the jobs not done until the paperwork is complete”. In our case we had hoped to offer out the Founders’ Club beginning May 5th.

Well obviously, that has come and gone and no sign of our marketing campaign!?



Quite simply we have some final legal aspects to take care of. We had it all covered and ready but in fairness these things; not unlike how we double check our firearms for safety, its all about checking it twice  at least!

We are committed to being as transparent as we can be and part of that is ensuring that any payment for the Founders’ Club is processed and transferred to a trust account and set up accordingly so that those funds can only be used under strict guidelines and sign off.

As frustrating as it is to us there is no short cut to such things so we expect that we will be making the announcement of offering out the Founders’ Club membership in 2-3 weeks.

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As a final side bar:

We are also trying to connect with some key folks to see if we can secure a couple of very special Founders’ Club only “lottery” items ….and by special we mean special !!!!.

If we can make this work, these would be on everyone’s wish list if we took away the reality of cost limitations. I’m thinking Christmas com early!


Post Script:

Additionally, an exciting aspect we have a plan to also have an iconic item purchased which will be passed around the “elite” in the shooting industry to be signed and where ultimately the piece will be put up for general auction and the proceeds being presented to a deserving military family in need or Vet (as chosen by those within the military; working along side established and knowledgeable Military and corporate bodies to develop this idea)

silhoette rifle

(representative silhouette only – the image does not represent an endorsement or agreement. There has been no finalized arrangement established as yet and an item to be auctioned could change or be of a completely different commodity category)









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