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Rifle 100 m

100m Rifle Range:

It is the goal of PSC to provide the best location and experience for the members and guests in all areas but we know that as the distances get greater there are particular aspects of service and facility that are not always being met by other venues. We have looked closely at the needs of the rifle shooter and taken this opportunity when developing a new facility to get it right. To learn from others and to develop a range that truly strives for a value added experience and to help all shooters be the best they can be.

100m Rifle Range

The end result is an environment that not only makes you want to shoot, but to shoot your best; to enjoy your time here with your spouse, partner, friends or business colleagues; to mature your firearms skills and to fully enjoy the friendly atmosphere and community.

To enable this we addressed many key aspects:

  • Provided are 20 rifle shooting bays that are the widest most comfortable ports; separated by safe ballistic glass panels so that you don’t feel crowded but still with a design that affords privacy. The shooting stations allow for plenty of room for your range bag and gear and each has its own 4 position rifle rack with soft coverage to protect your investment from scuffs when not in use.bench
  • A solid bench with comfortable height adjustable seating suitable for any shooter comfort. More than enough room for your bench rest and cleaning rods or spotting scope. We even have a few heavy solid bench rests available at the center office if you just don’t relish the idea of lugging the poundage back and forth to the range
  • There is a target retrieval system on every lane at your control – yes even at 100m ! The feedback suggests that, at considerable cost implication, this is a massive bonus in service and facility.
    • No waiting for the range to clear so you can check or change your target;
    • No wasting time for everyone to finish their string of shots and safety their gear;
    • No safety concerns about people being down range
    • The electronic target retrieval system allows for clearly marked pre-set target distances
  • For those rifle shooters who are challenging themselves with prone position shooting then there are three raised positions available. Still with the use of the retrieval system, the prone position ports have a firm rubberized base to lay down upon reducing the thermal effects compared to concrete or soil; while offering a simulated ground effect such that the body, elbows, breathing,  bipods, recoil etc duplicate the effect of being on the groundflags
  • We recognize there are some dedicated rifle folks out there that consistently shoot clover leafs spreads (or smaller !! ) and to help them we have permanent authorized windage flags on both sides of the range for keen observation of conditions together with temperature and humidity readings posted twice daily or by request of a staff member
  • Your membership access card offers you the sense of executive privilege and allows access to the member’s area and all ranges pertinent to your skills and membership throughout the facility. This way you have comfort and knowledge that other shooters around you have been fully qualified and sanctioned to be in that next port; as well, for your safety, it prevents PAL qualified shooters inadvertently finding themselves in unfamiliar surrounds of an RPAL range.
  • We consider safety as paramount across all areas and take every effort to be the leader – 99% is a million miles away from our target of what you deserve from us. Which is why we have circulating staff to assist and guide where they can and where they are asked. They are there to make your visit memorable
  • Cleaning up after you shoot can be a frustration to some members where, through over sight, some brass could be left for the next guest. We want each and every member to have the best experience regardless of the previous shooter, so we take that role upon ourselves, to ensure everyone is well thought of and everyone finds a shooting port in the best condition. To support this we have circulating staff members that clean the areas after the members and guests have vacated the port to maintain the range as you would – clean and fresh.
  • On-site staff have all been chosen for both their attention to detail in firearms skills and safety but with an equal focus on their customer service soft skill set. From assisting someone with correct trigger finger position when asked for advice to helping someone with their access card entry; helping members carry gear to ranges to guiding members in better safety protocols. It’s a fine line between assistance and interference – between customer service and annoyance. One thing is for sure you will not endure ‘range dictators’ at the Premier Shooting Center.


If you are an ardent Rifleman, we would recommend sign up for the news and updates and be up to speed on the membership pre-registration before it is in general release.

All in all, our aim is to provide an environment and membership that is valued. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that can elevate the experience from acceptable to exceptional.

We strive to be the, Premier Shooting Center.


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