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Prioritize and Execute towards the end goal

Prioritize and Execute towards the end goal

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

prioritize and Execute

Having a plan of action that works towards the end goal…and employing a focused efforts in that plan are the keys to success.

If you haven’t read this book you are missing out on some serious self directed focus of energy that emphasizes having a plan of action and employing a dedicated execution of that plan!

These are two ex Navy SEALS that have redeployed the leadership skills they learned in training and in battlefield conditions to the business world to amplify the efforts being employed by the leadership to see faster more productive end goals.

The reason I mention this is not because I think I am some super hero, special forces guy…quite the opposite – I am more the data driven geek…. But I am a leader.  A leader is someone who continually adapts and adopts techniques and information to move forward to the end goal; who gains the confidences and support of the team through action; who maintains the direction of the team and clearly and concisely shares what the end goal is and why, so that they can confidently impart leadership to the team members themselves knowing they are all working in the same direction.


The action plan:

The action plan has been clear and concise internally, to mesh with the business model. We have conquered many obstacles that have all been part of the ‘wall plan’. From identifying the land and the criteria we need to assure for the land; to understanding environmental concerns and meeting with the environmentalists; costing and cash flows or marketing and media. It has all been included in the wall plan. Our Prioritize and Execute action plan!

The plan we live and work towards everyday.


So now that we have a certain gravity after doing all of the background work and are able to start creating a larger footprint out in the public eye, the time has come as part of the plan to share the next steps and milestones.

As we move into the phase of generating the share based Founders’ Club with the purpose of securing seed money for the land purchase we are at the time where you, the end user of the shooting facility, fall into step and actually become part of the team going forward.

Maybe it’s not the most conventional way of thinking for some; that our ‘customers’ are actually our team mates but in reality we can’t succeed without the input of the end user. So by default it means you are as much of a key element in the success; you are our team mates in this

As a leader then, its core to me that all team members are aware of the goals, actions and your role in the success!

The Bullet Points over view:

Of course, I will hold back on our own internal finances and in depth business plan details…after all it is the backbone of the company as any business plan should be and the product of hundreds of hours of data and research effort. I almost feel like I should miss-quote Charlton Heston and suggest you will have to ‘pry that out of my cold dead hands’

However sharing with the team the key bullet points and action items that we have prioritized and are executing on is important so that you can gain the confidences and align with our efforts

The information within the graphic below can be found in a compilation of various newsletters and updates and even on our social feeds, so it’s not new information BUT for clarity it does crystalize out where are our next steps.


Simplification can be a good thing:

It can be key in a situation where there are multiple actions vying for attention that the core actions are crystallized out.

Yes, there are a thousand bullet points within each box and probably within them also but in the end they are all jigsaw pieces that have to be played in sequence and getting bogged down with the mayhem of the mass of moving targets will only make you stall and maybe fail. As a leader, keeping a clear picture of the short-term goal and enabling the team to action their roles will see us moving forward one step at a time towards the end goal.

For the various contractors and professional businesses that we have worked with so far, they will probably attest that after the initial contact as a team and determining that we are on the right path, I then pass the task over to key role players who have the skills and time to dedicate and to see that task through. A lot of the time it can be Debbie Jones the business manager for this project or perhaps a subject matter expert but there is a dedicated resource applied and responsible.

I have always maintained that to achieve this development its going to take focus of effort for an extended time…..this is where most ‘entrepreneurs’ fail as they are simply not willing to invest themselves and sustain the considerable effort to win. I have that focus in spades !

So where do you, our new team mates, come into the end goal effort.

Your task is to understand that for this to succeed and to enable us to open up a destination shooting facility in Ontario we need to get the word out so that it maximizes the opportunities for forward thinking, early adopter, investment oriented, shooting supporters to join us in the Founders’ Club.

As this is the initial seed money for the purchase of the land and also the catalyst of the follow-on actions it is imperative for us to get the details in front of the investors fore them to make value decisions of risk and return

As an industry and as a sport we are all too quick to criticize lack of action or new restrictions we experience and in fairness when there are federal level issues as individuals we can sometimes feel personally immobilized, BUT right here, right now is where we can all take a firm action in a simple way

         You can….

 share this link with your connections..

        That’s it!…

Agreed, it may not feel the most anarchic, important or world changing action to you but that 2 minutes of action can be the greatest catalyst to success

It goes without saying that there will be ongoing updates for this development and how we are progressing compared to the action plan and we can share in those updates the direct effect that you have had on our momentum and we look forward to sharing those milestones

Be the team player and the force that you can be and let’s make this happen!

And finally:

Although they will never get to hear this voice in the distance; I want to thank to Jocko and Leif by way of your inspiring book and have made the decision that I will engage with them and have them up here when we are open to drive us to greater success


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