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Special Report – Membership Fees

Special Report – Membership Fees

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

 Membership Fees:membership cost


There are two common questions we get inquiries or questions about all the time….

Where are we located in Ontario?….and….”how much is a membership?

 The former question has been fully answered here and gives the full GPS location and even a description of what your drive to the facility will be like when we open. If you don’t already know where in Ontario we will be then call on over to the website now and come back to read more about the membership costs.

(I’m thinking you will be straight back when you see all that you can do at the facility)


As for costs ….well,

We have maintained all along that we have wanted this facility to stand for more than just a corporate body and truly represent what we, as the directorship, stand for.

We want this facility to be accessible for all and not be cost prohibitive, so that we can

  • introduce and educate those that perhaps have never had the opportunity to engage in the sports;
  • to bring on board the new shooters and develop the next generation of passionate sportsmen and women
  • to elevate the image of the sports and heritage
  • and of course, to allow those that shoot now, in all capacities, to come and enjoy the sport they love and be challenged along the way too.


We see this facility as a focal point to kick start a new drive to share what this sport is all about. Part of that focal point means having an environment that is conducive to all. We want to see the couples and families enjoy themselves in a safe environment and to be at an affordable cost point to the general family or ‘date night’


So you will see the membership fees are all about being fair and reasonable and offering value for money within a price point that makes sense and more importantly…offering a value perception to the members and guests



Yes, yes……but how much?

 I had the opportunity to chat online the other week with the guys at the Modern Rifleman Radio show. They were great guys and made me as comfortable as possible – given that I am not ideally suited as a public speaker and I was operating off the cell phone (sorry for the background noise that was all me not the quality of the show)

I had no heads up as to the line of questioning and in part of that show they asked about the costs of memberships.

We have clearly defined this some time back of course as part of the extensive business plan layout and so it was fair to say that the Modern Rifleman Radio had the exclusive at that time when I decided we have come far enough along the road of development of the shooting facility that people could now get a sense that our words and morals match our business plan and cost points.


So it is with some level of a grin on my face I will tease you here now and suggest that you can wait for the memberships tab to be officially posted on the website in a couple of weeks which will give all of the offerings and levels


…or you can go directly to the MRR podcast and listen in to hear what those numbers are !! modernrifleman-logo

Within the program it outlines the costs of :

  • Founders’ Club – which will be the initial offering and limited to just 300 people and shares many benefits including increasing percentage off the PSC memberships
  • Full PSC member level – access to all areas (not be available until September or later)
  • Shotgun only PSC membership level – access to only the shotgun area (not be available until September or later)
  • PSC Family membership add on for up to 4 additional people within the same address (not be available until September or later)


We believe that when you hear the costs you will be surprised (especially if you consider the bolt on family membership, which then allows a full household of up to 5 to enjoy the sport) at a value point that we challenge you to tell us ‘what other sport could be enjoyed all year for such a low cost’


As a member of another club mentioned the other day,

….”the problem isn’t whether you will get members, the problem is how will you process all of the people coming to your door”


….and yes, we have that covered too !




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