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About Premier Shooting Center

The Premier Shooting Center is designed to offer a modern, upper tier shooting experience to the target and action shooting enthusiast, together with training and skills development both on the range and in the competition or scenario dedicated environments to service the needs of the individuals who wish to develop their skills; and to challenge those who carry a firearm as part of their professional role.

The aim is to provide a sense of exclusivity at a value point that allows all of us to enjoy the sport. The design includes:

  • 25m handgun range with electronic retractable targets
  • 100yrd small bore rifle range with electronic retractable targets
  • unique civilian 1000 m range with active target system and target video monitoring and shot by shot recording
  • Covered Trap and Skeet fields
  • Designated scenario simunition® training area
  • 13 large dedicated IPSC/IDPA/3 Gun competition shooting bays
  • A  large retail space to support all shooting disciplines and needs in conjunction with an on-line presence
  • 25 acres of discrete camping and chalet facilities

The Premier Shooting center site is located in the central Ontario region close to many other amenities and areas of entertainment and beauty. We eagerly await the final draft business arrangements to be completed such that we can share more specifics on location and proximity to towns and cities in the region and begin to raise the energy around the opening of a major shooting center of this capability, quality and capacity in Ontario.

The Management Team

About Premier Shooting Center

The Senior Management is based on two key players one with a solid background in having had almost 34 years as a military contractor in various supporting aspects specializing in optical sighting systems for both ground force and air frames such as APC’s, tanks, helicopters and planes.

The second senior player has an equal amount of exposure based in the corporate world and is well versed in the structure and management of business. Directing the efficient every day running of the site and making it tick smoothly

Between the two key roles the Premier Shooting Center has the goal of providing a shooting environment that not only meets but far exceeds expectations. They have experienced the limitations of many clubs and shooting venues around the world have learned well the lessons of customer service and how to present an experience that ensures all of the members and guest’s needs are met and leave them with a sense of safety, thrill and value

To support the activities on site we recognize that the success of the facility and more important, the fulfilling experience of the members and guests relies heavily on the team that support, train, maintain, direct and guide these activities and facilities. That is why we have engaged the best.

Many of the senior range staff are seasoned veterans with skills in various aspects from the ‘sharp end ‘ of deployment.

Safe Environment Is Key

Safety is paramount at the center and the environment has been designed to provide the absolute top level safe experience to ensure an exciting and rewarding experience at the Premier Shooting Center. From providing retractable targets or video capture of the long range targets to eliminate the need to go down range, to having mandatory yearly subject specific training for all staff that is way beyond their mandatory range safety officer requirements. Knowing that the guests and members are in a safe environment is our daily consideration. To this end the Chief Firearms Office was eagerly engaged at the onset to capitalize of their knowledge of requirements, observational and practical experience and to utilize their input from the ground up and become the shooting center that shall set the standard of safety and experience.

Our Vision

It is part of the management teams personal morals and philosophy to pay back those who have supported us, as Canadians, and are happy to share that we have an active employment activity that supports retired military service members; those combat service members who may have had a tough time in recuperation or integration; and to give back in some small way to allow them to utilize their skills and share their knowledge and feel proud that they are recognized.

Additionally, we also know there are military families who struggle financially and emotionally while their partners have served several tours; or worse, left behind from those who have fallen.

We strive to be a support where we can and urge you to connect with the worthy links that you will find on this site.

Many Regards,
PSC Management

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