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Long Range And Dynamic Challenge

Long Range / Dynamic Challenge

The Premier Shooting Center has a close and heartfelt connection to the military and we do what can to support where we can. It is also a platform from which we can also celebrate the people that are active and showcase the skills they bring to their roles.


The “Long Range / Dynamic Challenge” is something completely different to that which is offered anywhere else in Canada. This is a proprietary league style competition that challenges the spotter and shooter team at unknown distances with multiple pop-up targets within a given time period.

The league is divided into three difficulty levels: Grunt, PIG, HOG. (Entry /Experienced / Skilled)

shotEach level will have the shooter chose the level of difficulty based on their experience, position themselves on the firing line and initiate the test. The challenge will have 20 targets of various sizes or colors present themselves at unknown distances between 100m and 1000m and in random order. The targets will present within a 30 minute window.

The three levels of difficulty will have the targets presented at ever increasing distances but will always have the same total time period and number of targets

Grunt Level: 20 targets from 100m out to 400m

PIGs Level: 20 targets from 100m out to 800m

HOGs Level: 20 targets from 100m out to 1000m


And since you might think that could be too easy, did we mention that the targets will be presented in reducing time of exposure as you progress through the levels and that there will be SHOOT and NO-SHOOT TARGETS to test the skill, accuracy and communication skills of the shooter/spotter teams

League winners not only win bragging rights and their name on the PSC wall of fame but automatic entry into the Annual Military – LEO professional invitation competition

sniper campJust consider how an annual 3 day professional challenge will look….

  • Communication challenges
  • Challenging shooting positions
  • Physical/ mental challenges
  • Target identification / KIM’s challenges
  • Handgun
  • Shooter – spotter combination sections
  • Building entry and house clearance
  • Cold bore
  • Night moves
  • stalks

Keep checking back for future information on how the challenges and competitions roll out.

If you are a long distance shooter we recommend sign up for the news and updates and are up to speed on the membership pre-registration and other key information before it becomes general release

All in all, our aim is to provide an environment and membership that is valued. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that can elevate the experience from acceptable to exceptional.

We strive to be the, Premier Shooting Center

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