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IPSC / IDPA / 3 Gun


IPSC , IDPA and 3-Gun are dynamic shooting sports where the principles of Accuracy, Speed and Power are balanced in a unique scoring system. In their own distinct ways the different disciplines each requires competitors to shoot fast and accurately, often shooting on the move and developing techniques and styles to shave off fractions of a second between shots, during reloads and drawing from the holster. These sport competitions really are thrilling to be involved with and can get the heart rate going for sure.

gun and targets

At the Premier Shooting Center we have 12 full sized individual bays dedicated to competition. Each individually large enough that you had better get your running shoes on!…..with 10 bays at approximately 50m x 50m each bay, they can contain a very active long stage layout in themselves or have plenty of space to construct an environment that matches the theme of the competition, or if we are feeling really mean, combine several bays to challenge the shooter in so many devious ways. We also have 2 dedicated competition bays that are 100m long to run some lengthy 3-gun stages.

image007With 12 dedicated bays our goal is to provide a thrilling challenge with active systems that pop up, spin, drop, slide or twist; that make you shoot from everything from a simple stance to the most challenging squat, prone, balanced, or stretched. Paper, steel or clay you will see all sorts of targets only limited by imagination. From standard paper targets to “engage as they become visible” to infrared light beam triggered so you initiate the action as you move down the stage; motorized moving targets that disappear and may offer only 1.5 seconds of time to present from holster to cars or busses….if we can get an airplane body in there too we’ll do that too!!

We have a full staff present to score and manage each and every stage so that your only focus is to turn up shoot and have a fantastic day. You don’t have to sign up for range duty here.

ProEach stage will have go-pro camera recordings so that if you wish you can down load your day’s effort and capture that slick mag change, string of shots, that cool target array or shooting position.

We strive to become the competition location that sets the bar for innovation and stage excitement. Want to raise your standings? we’ll have multiple level 3’s through the year. Want to run all of your guns…we intend on having many 3 gun sessions out there where each stage must use all three guns.

Some of these events can be a full day and since we are off the beaten track so to speak we have an excellent on site café where you can rest up and keep your energy levels up with something hot. For those that might be in the zone and just want a quick snack just go to the take out window conveniently located for the competition zone and keep on gunnin’.access card

The competition zone is separated from the rest of the range for safety and security but as our valued guests you will be greeted in reception and given your own gift logo electronic access card for the site which is pre-loaded with your name and access limits based off the online sign up, ready waiting for you so check in is efficient. However while you are on site and wish to visit other areas to see what we have to offer we would be proud to share. Just ask at reception for a tour and we’ll be pleased to arrange a knowledgeable range officer to direct your tour.

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