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Force On Force

Force–On–Force Simunition Training

Using the Simunition training platform, which is as close to real life as it gets in a training scenario, the course is high energy, high adrenalin, and is all about you against the ‘bad guy’.  The instructors will guide you, then push you and test you in ever increasing pressure situations to establish the weaknesses and then build on them with excellent and timely personal coaching feedback so that your skills growth is exponential – which leads to instinctively ‘doing the right thing’ out in the field.

We say it’s better to fail here a hundred times and learn progressively than fail once outside of our four walls when there is no second go round maybe!!

This is one hell of a course !…There isn’t a boot camp mentality but it is a steep learning curve environment. We keep it light and there is some fun thrown in there with some evil curve balls thrown on you so keep your guard up!

gunsThe course lasts a full 8hr day and runs through multiple scenes that increase in complexity (reality). Using the simunition training program it allows for an active hot range with absolute safety in mind for the students. Even though you will be fully protected with face mask/neck guard, gloves and chest protectoryou certainly get feedback from any round hitting you and know if you got that wrong!! But with the instructors there to guide and offer positive feedback, sometimes those are the best and most valuable lessons.

The scenes are designed from the years of experience of our instructors, many of whom have either military or law enforcement backgrounds and have seen the sharp end of life. You will be guided and put through full scenarios, trials and feedback that incrementally ramp up your reactions and situational awareness. Moving from door entry and initial room clearance then onto include static and live targets, shoot / no-shoot target decisions, hallways, stairwells, interior doors, night scenes using outdoorweapon mounted lights, multi-level buildings, multiple threats and stacked entry team. Once you have made it to the top of the building than see if you can deal with road rage in the vehicle compound; or a hostage rescue on a bus! The scenarios change by season to keep things lively and real

This course will take your square range mentality to a whole new 3D level in the shoot house.

Of course the very title of this course does imply that there are assailants on the other side of that door, or at least somewhere within the 5 story building or in the underground tunnels or vehicles. Your task is to get in there deal with the threat appropriately and come out ‘alive’ !

While the general curriculum is oriented to the general public this facility is easily able to provide testing circumstances and training scenario’s to the professionals that may carry as part of their duty role.

In which case; explosive entry effects, shotguns / carbines, smoke or chemical attack, NVG’s, weapons mounted light/laser; rope and repel entry maybe combined to your training requirements to crank up the stress levels; Need a riot, talk to us and we will bring in role players to give you a full on tough time! Hell if you need an airplane body brought in to train on we will do what it takes to offer the best training facility that supports the professionals and mature their skills such that they can function at their continued high level

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