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soldierThe modern long range shooting sport is a true test of the mastery of the rifle. The long range competitions engaged with at the 1000m range at the Premier Shooting Center are

Target Rifle, Precision Rifle and the Canadian invented F-Class Rifle.

Shooting at distances from 300m to 1000m there are many challenges such as wind, ballistics, atmospheric conditions, etc, etc, etc….not to mention the biggest challenge of all of course is …..The shooter!

As a new facility we are able to build in modern aspects to elevate the experience and give true worth to being a member and/or competing at the facility.

We at PSC believe we have the most innovative range in Ontario designed to meet expectations and safety. We keep static shooting positions and the targets, at the various distances, are all automated to rise up as the shooter dictates. Meaning that the shooter can get settled on the line without having to take everything on the move with them to the next shooting position as distance is required. The targets are raised electronically as the distance is chosen off the panel in each shooting port by the shooter.

If the shooter wants to challenge themselves at 300m then the selector is chosen for 300 and the target raises with a fresh target; during the competition if they then wants to change out to 500 the selector is identified for 500m and one target lowers and the 500m raises with a new bulls eye target in place.

targetIn a familiar typical day’s event or practice at the military ranges, it would involve everyone arriving at 7am or so with relays at shorter ranges, (300 to 600 yards) in the morning and then maybe longer ranges (800 to 1,000 yards) in the afternoon, probably finishing up towards 5pm .

That’s a 10 hour day ! and dependent on how many shooters are in the event. Everyone takes their turn on the gun and of course and then everyone’s favorite time, down in the butts.

It’s only fair of course and there is a sense of camaraderie but let’s face it, we all just want to shoot !…that’s what we go there for ….but in reality normally in a full day out there it’s likely less than 2.5hrs on the gun and even then 75% of that time is getting feedback on the last shot or waiting on the conditions…..So in a typical scenario 10hr day you only get to shoot for 50 minutes or so …

Enjoy A New Experience

At the Premier Shooting Center with the modern dynamic systems in place we may be setting the standard for the new expectation… consider that you can :

  • Conduct the F-Class / TR / PR as a team or individual
  • Shooter selected target distance with the unique electronic automated system
  • No waiting / no set up required
  • You can go back and forth between distances
  • Covered shooting lines to protect from the weather
  • No team required – come on your own or with some friends and log your results
  • Comfortable shooting positions
  • Immediate feedback with video capture of shot strings
  • Practice any day, any week access via the members privilege access card
  • Save your results and targets to your member’s account from the video capture WiFi system ..or post on Facebook even and let your friends see that perfect score!

video systemFeedback is King

As you settle down into position under the fully covered shooting line you can view the video monitoring of all targets and shot string recordings for your shooting position so the feedback and second shot correction is immediate; you don’t even have to lose position on the gun!. Learning to read the wind more effectively and understanding point of aim/ point of impact given the environmental conditions at that time, the skills development opportunity and conveniences are huge.

With the engagement of these user friendly upgrades to the competition scene I can imagine it being a hit!

Keep on checking back for future information on how the challenges or competitions roll out.

If you are a long distance shooter we recommend sign up for the news and updates and be up to speed on the membership pre-registration and other key information before it becomes general release

All in all, our aim is to provide an environment and membership that is valued. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that can elevate the experience from acceptable to exceptional.

We strive to be the, Premier Shooting Center

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