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Down Range – March 2017

Down Range – March 2017

Friday, March 10th, 2017


where are we



….But where the hell are we?….


When faced with a mountain of simultaneous actions and trying to present a level of interest and continuity in the development story we living and are sharing, it is easy to forget to share the obvious message – where the hell are we?

I had received a message from a newly subscribed reader that prompted the fact that I hadn’t actually specified where the shooting facility will be located in Ontario. With some level of embarrassment, it dawned on me that I have maintained a forward look when reporting the latest events for the early subscribers have seen this story unfolding. For those people who may follow us on Twitter @1km_rifle_range and keep up to speed with newsletters they probably have a very close approximate of where this range will be located. However, I realized that I wasn’t feeding into the needs of the new reader or for those who maybe don’t follow both avenues of updates.

Sometimes I just have to take a moment to capture the basics

Are you an interested reader who is intrigued as to where this journey will take us; or a potential range member who is wondering if you are getting your hopes up or in case it may be out of your travel distance.quote-value-is-a-perception-not-a-calculation-value-is-something-people-feel-not-somethin

It’s not unreasonable to know this basic detail so that you can consider whether the travel distance would be equitable to the selection of shooting disciplines, competitions, courses, activities and quality of service. For some 30 minutes travel time to use their handgun on the 25m range is too much; for the next person, travelling 5hrs to shoot a match coming from US because of the quality of competition, is quite acceptable. It’s about value perception.


I am looking forward and excited to be able offer the exact location, down to the GPS coordinates; together with Google maps views and satellite views. Right now I am being somewhat coy about the exact position for one key and very important reason:

We know we have full municipal support for this but the wild card is the public opinion – not that it will stop the range build but more that it could delay or have a cost association. So for the local public to hear third hand and have only half of the information to base some level of reasoning (pro and con) does present a chink in our game plan.

We all want this succeed so we have a fully mapped out public awareness program for the local area public well before the requirements for public address as part of the planning/zoning process. We want the chance to give all the key information and to be able to answer collective and individual concerns they may have. I even intend to go door to door and give them my personal cell number so they know they have a voice and that we care about what they have to say.

In short then, the exact location is being kept quiet for now simply to give us the best opportunity for success and in respect to the local area residents. Hopefully you can understand


Kawartha lakes site area map



However……in fairness to you all …

The location is north east of Beaverton Ontario about 15 – 18 mins or about 20-25 mins south east of Orillia. To give a loose form of triangulation it is north-north west of Lindsay in the order of 30mins. The land just crosses over the border into Kawartha Lakes by about 2km which makes it a lot easier for zoning.

Best access routes would be:

  • Hwy #11 / #12 from Barrie and north area corridor
  • Hwy 404 / #48 from the GTA/Markham and Newmarket area
  • Hwy 401 – #35 – #7 from the Port Hope region
  • Hwy #7 – #12 from the Peterborough – Lindsay region
  • Hwy 401/407 – #12 from the Scarborough /Markham area

If you are hurriedly signing in and bringing up google maps I would suggest you use the “Western Trent Golf Club” as your point of reference for a guide of time from your current location

As always it is our mantra to be open and honest and share what we can share or give reasoning for the items we can’t be as specific about.

After you have worked out the travel to get to your new club, take another tour of the web site and redefine what you expect from a shooting club and look forward to the drive

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