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Building Entry / Clearance

Building Entry / Clearance Simunition® Scenario Training

This is a very hands on dynamic scenario course using Simunition simulation training to amp up the adrenalin to enter buildings and to systematically clear and make safe the environment. This course moves through the step by step planning phases of the action through to ‘shotgun up’! as a means of door entry for the team to storm the interior.

building entry


gunThe course lasts a full 8hr day and runs through multiple scenes that increase in complexity (reality). Using the simunition training it allows for an active range with absolute safety in mind for the students. Even though you will be fully protected with face mask/neck guard, gloves and chest protectoryou certainly get feedback for any round hitting you and know if you got that wrong!! But with the instructors there to guide and offer positive feedback, sometimes those are the best and most valuable lessons. Get it wrong in here because in the real world you may not get a ‘do over’! ….having said that we expect you will want a ‘do-over’ here again and again, as this course is so dynamic and empowering

outdoorThe scenes are designed from the years of experience of our instructors, many of whom have either military or law enforcement backgrounds and have seen the sharp end of life. You will be guided and put through full scenarios, trials and feedback that incrementally ramp up your reactions and situational awareness. Moving from door entry and initial room clearance then onto include static and moving targets, shoot / no-shoot target decisions, hallways, stairwells, interior doors, night scenes using weapon mounted lights, multi-level buildings, multiple threats and stacked entry team.

This course will take your square range mentality to a whole new 3D level in the shoot house.

While the general curriculum is oriented to the general public this facility is easily able to provide testing circumstances and training scenario’s to the professionals that may carry as part of their duty role.

In which case; explosive entry effects, shotgun / carbines, smoke or chemical attack, NVG and weapons mounted light/laser; rope and repel entry maybe combined to your training requirements to crank up the stress levels.


  • None – this is simulation exercise course
  • Open to general public
  • Over 18yrs of age

Safety is our first focus

  • All safety equipment is supplied
  • All firearms are certified by our Range Director as being
  • capable of firing Simunition rounds only
  • Absolutely no use of student owned firearms
  • Absolutely no live ammunition allowed on site

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