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Basic Handgun

Basic 2 Day Handgun:

Typically as soon as a shooter reads the words “Basic” in a course description they skip over and go straight to the ‘advanced’! They may have a point sometimes but we at Premier Shooting Center have a sentiment that we expect that everyone can perform at their highest level and there is no such thing as ‘basic’ it just depends on how far down the training road we have all travelled….one person’s advanced is the next person’s basic.

If you know what a type 1, type 2 or type 3 failures fire is and how to clear and safely and efficiently deal with the stoppage then you are ahead of the game….if not then maybe we can all learn new things and become a safer, more competent and confident shooter.

2 day handgun


This course is a fundamentals course and is the basis from which all other courses springboard

It is ideal for…

  • Those shooters that have recently taken and passed their RPAL course and identified that the government required course training is lacking the actual range time and practical hands on down at the firing line to gain a solid understanding and more importantly, confidence and competence in your firearm of choice
  • Maybe you are looking to take the RPAL course to obtain your license and would see having fluent understanding of various handguns as a foundation of a safe shooter, putting you a head of others in your class
  • Additionally, this is the perfect course for any shooter who has their licence for some time and has a good understanding of their weapon but maybe it has been some time since they practiced and wants to get comfortable again.
  • Ladies seem to make the better target shooters probably due to their patience (a skill they learned after dealing with men probably!) but ladies do seem do lack confidence. This skill builder will have you on the firing line demonstrating total confidence and skill in handling
  • For those who have a firearm at home and feel that if the whole family are around then everyone should understand its functions and how to assure safe handling?

This 2 day course will move at a steady pace and the skilled instructors will ensure the class achieves the goal of gaining competence and confidence in an environment that is fun and educational – this is not a brow beating or militaristic environment at all

Held partially in the instruction classrooms of the club house with the majority of time being on the firing line, the students are guided through in a methodical way using the simple Crawl – Walk – Run style of teaching so there is no pressure or stress. This is a fun, educational environment.

The goal of the class is see the student achieve an exponential growth in their understanding skill and confidence compared to when they walked in the door. No self-pressure / No peer pressure

outdoorBonus Fun:

At the end of the second day when you have gained so much more skill and confidence there is an option to experience a fun time in the shoot house. This building is a multi-story structure and is meant to simulate a defensive scenario and is designed both as a dramatic exciting end to your basic skills builder training course but mostly to demonstrate to you that, even under pressure, you have engrained the manipulation skills and solid handling skills and can cement that confidence and competence in your mind and know that you would likely be able to impress an ‘experienced’ shooter on proper firearms handling.

Firearms, Equipment, Ammo requirements:

  • Handguns will be provided to students for the course and are fully sanctioned by the Master Range Director as safe and fully functional.
  • Personal firearms are allowed, if you are a licensed RPAL holder, which must be fully functional, have all factory safety devices intact and have no dangerous modifications (such as “hair trigger” of 3lbs pull weight of less), removed or adjusted trigger guards.
  • 2 magazines designed for the specific firearm
  • All ammunition to be used in the class provided guns shall be purchased through Premier Shooting Center onsite retail to ensure your safety and assure no damage to the range guns
  • Ammunition shall be factory manufactured – NO RELOADS ALLOWED!
  • Electronic hearing protection is mandatory so that the class can hear all instruction on the shooting line and for safety should there be a need to call a ‘cease fire’.
  • No holsters of any kind allowed on this course

The range is outside so dress according to the weather conditions….we never think it’s too cold, windy or wet we think we are just providing a tactical shooting environment for free!! (LOL)


  • Wide brimmed hat or ball cap
  • Safety glasses
  • Loose pants and comfortable shoes or boots
  • Sunscreen /bug screen

All students will present government issued Photo ID at the time of sign in

Safety glasses and ear protection is mandatory and can be purchased at the retail store on site if required


  • None – this is skill building course
  • This course is open to all members and general public
  • No license required to shoot
  • Over 18yrs of age
  • Over 13yrs of age with guardian

Safety is our first focus

  • All firearms are certified by our Range Director as being safe and fully functional
  • Absolutely no use of reloaded ammunition or steel core ammunition
  • PSC purchased ammunition to be used in class provided guns only

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Our aim is to provide an environment and membership that is valued. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that can elevate the experience from acceptable to exceptional.

We strive to be the, Premier Shooting Center


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