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Focus on People – March 2017

Focus on People – March 2017

Friday, March 10th, 2017


Generally I find life that much more rewarding when others are engaged …


Stating that we are open and honest is one thing….putting yourself out there under the spotlight so to speak is another…


This month we had the chance to chat with both sides of the fence in the arena and talk with the Andrew and Gavin over at the “Canadian Patriot Podcast” show where the whole truth and nothing less was put out there; also after working through dueling calendars we finally managed to meet up with the three lead project developers over at SRF Gun and Archery Range who are in the same stage as ourselves in establishing an indoor range over towards Orangeville/ Innesville area in Ontario

The co hosts of the Canadian Patriot Podcast were quite gentle on me actually; I am pretty sure I had a slightly more conservative edge to me compared to their normal sharp wit, edged political commentary, quick fire banter from the rest of the panel but it was a solid time and they made me welcome for sure. To me I regarded it as just a conversation about our hopes for the shooting facility…warts and all. I think it came across as interesting and informative and certainly real and honest. Personally, hearing myself on a less than ideal mic with the remains of a cold was a bit painful but I hope you are able to look past that to the projects information; I would suggest at least to take particular note of the support the troops aspect at the latter half – it is close to our heartsCANADIAN-PATRIOT-PODCAST

Catch up with these guys anyway. You will always get an animated exchange of information, great guests and at the very least you’ll likely have a good laugh too.

Canadian Patriots Podcast

Audio: Episode 62





On a tangent was our meeting with “SRF Gun and Archery Range”. A great team of guys who are looking to set up an indoor facility to cater to handgun, small bore rifle and 3D archery.

We met in the obligatory office away from the office …Tim Hortons and spent a very animated hour or more chatting about some of the issues we have both experienced and overcome. There was a good exchange of information from issues of finding ideal buildings or rural locations; of funding to local municipal interactions; of lease issues to cost of backstops. We respected our boundaries and of course we didn’t go into each other’s business plans but one thing that did come across was that we were each there as a support for each other’s’ development efforts – and we both wanted the other to be as successful as ourselves. In our cases the location and business plan over view didn’t offer any complications or conflict so it certainly made things more comfortable but in reality even if we were both within the same vicinity the market is large enough that if we both opened on the same day wSRF-DIFFERENT-RIBBON4e’d both be at capacity by end of year anyway.

Since our chat the guys at SRF Gun and Archery Range unfortunately lost their preferred indoor location due to timing issues where, even though the building owner was certainly in their corner, it just meant that they had to go a different direction.

Which means then there is an opportunity out there for any lease holder who is on the west side of Lake Simcoe that has a decent sized indoor location within an area zoned for discharge of firearms to connect with them and talk to see if you can connect the dots on that one.

Reach out to them here :




Finally, if you haven’t heard, Firearms of Canada have made some great headway in being able to establish their own indoor shooting range adjacent to their store in Ajax. Absolutely super news and certainly needed for that area. The best thing about this story is certainly the end result – obtaining zoning to allow them to operate; but a close second to that was the huge outpouring and support from the community. As reported there were in the order of 200 people or more at the chambers to support the motion.

Well done to FOC but also a respectful nod to those that attended this important meeting. It is always easy to make a noise and say that we need more ranges and cry when there is push back from municipalities – it’s all too easy to sit on the couch and complain – to actually take a moment and be part of the action is important.

Take a second and catch up with their success here





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Down Range – March 2017

Friday, March 10th, 2017


where are we



….But where the hell are we?….


When faced with a mountain of simultaneous actions and trying to present a level of interest and continuity in the development story we living and are sharing, it is easy to forget to share the obvious message – where the hell are we?

I had received a message from a newly subscribed reader that prompted the fact that I hadn’t actually specified where the shooting facility will be located in Ontario. With some level of embarrassment, it dawned on me that I have maintained a forward look when reporting the latest events for the early subscribers have seen this story unfolding. For those people who may follow us on Twitter @1km_rifle_range and keep up to speed with newsletters they probably have a very close approximate of where this range will be located. However, I realized that I wasn’t feeding into the needs of the new reader or for those who maybe don’t follow both avenues of updates.

Sometimes I just have to take a moment to capture the basics

Are you an interested reader who is intrigued as to where this journey will take us; or a potential range member who is wondering if you are getting your hopes up or in case it may be out of your travel distance.quote-value-is-a-perception-not-a-calculation-value-is-something-people-feel-not-somethin

It’s not unreasonable to know this basic detail so that you can consider whether the travel distance would be equitable to the selection of shooting disciplines, competitions, courses, activities and quality of service. For some 30 minutes travel time to use their handgun on the 25m range is too much; for the next person, travelling 5hrs to shoot a match coming from US because of the quality of competition, is quite acceptable. It’s about value perception.


I am looking forward and excited to be able offer the exact location, down to the GPS coordinates; together with Google maps views and satellite views. Right now I am being somewhat coy about the exact position for one key and very important reason:

We know we have full municipal support for this but the wild card is the public opinion – not that it will stop the range build but more that it could delay or have a cost association. So for the local public to hear third hand and have only half of the information to base some level of reasoning (pro and con) does present a chink in our game plan.

We all want this succeed so we have a fully mapped out public awareness program for the local area public well before the requirements for public address as part of the planning/zoning process. We want the chance to give all the key information and to be able to answer collective and individual concerns they may have. I even intend to go door to door and give them my personal cell number so they know they have a voice and that we care about what they have to say.

In short then, the exact location is being kept quiet for now simply to give us the best opportunity for success and in respect to the local area residents. Hopefully you can understand


Kawartha lakes site area map



However……in fairness to you all …

The location is north east of Beaverton Ontario about 15 – 18 mins or about 20-25 mins south east of Orillia. To give a loose form of triangulation it is north-north west of Lindsay in the order of 30mins. The land just crosses over the border into Kawartha Lakes by about 2km which makes it a lot easier for zoning.

Best access routes would be:

  • Hwy #11 / #12 from Barrie and north area corridor
  • Hwy 404 / #48 from the GTA/Markham and Newmarket area
  • Hwy 401 – #35 – #7 from the Port Hope region
  • Hwy #7 – #12 from the Peterborough – Lindsay region
  • Hwy 401/407 – #12 from the Scarborough /Markham area

If you are hurriedly signing in and bringing up google maps I would suggest you use the “Western Trent Golf Club” as your point of reference for a guide of time from your current location

As always it is our mantra to be open and honest and share what we can share or give reasoning for the items we can’t be as specific about.

After you have worked out the travel to get to your new club, take another tour of the web site and redefine what you expect from a shooting club and look forward to the drive

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PSC News and Updates – March 2017

Friday, March 10th, 2017

roads forward

Roads – The last words on this topic:

If you have been playing along with this game show you will know we have mentioned several times that there are township by-laws that dictate the quality of an access road condition to any commercial location. Not unreasonably, as we would all expect for us to be able to gain access; that we would expect to be safe; and as a business owner I would expect emergency vehicles to be able to navigate the access road to be able to do what they need to do in the event.

However, from a business owner’s perspective the questions have to be asked of if the road construction requirements are reasonable; cost restrictive; equitable across all situations.

As you will have read previously we have suggested that the existing road construction requirements are cost prohibitive to our progress and this was the key issue we needed to flush out before moving forward.logo




We have been working with the help of MNBC urban  planners who are fluent with the regional by-laws and regulations as well as prior options that have been employed under other circumstances and also with Skelton Brumwell Associates who bring years of experience in their understanding of road construction engineering requirements as well as geological and topographic understandings and how they all marry together.

Since the road issue is a hard stop in some ways, we have been waiting to release this month’s news update because of a scheduled meeting which took place on March 6th as we wanted to share the latest position.SkeltonBrumwell_Rotary

I am able to share now that MHBC is “comfortable there is a way forward”, which is political speak for ‘we have a way forward that can meet everyone’s needs but we have to get final assurances and signatures’.

The last meeting, which the saw Mayor Andrew Letham call in at the end and ask if we had sorted things out, was productive.


The outcome was in deed very productive. The Kawartha Lakes township will be presenting to council an update of their policy of Limited Service Agreements which is in essence what we are proposing for the access road we are looking at. The LSA, although in draft form until they have presented to Council at the end of this month, will suggest that for un-assumed roads the council will be looking for a commitment of maintenance; a minimum standard of construction which would be less than assumed roads; a level of liability assumption for the un-assumed road; and full access for any road user and would not be classed as private. Naturally there will be some serious input from the township legal support to finalize but this in its raw form does offer us a way forward.

Yes, there is some level of risk; not that the shooting facility would not be allowed but that the risk is the level of Limited Service Agreement could be watered down which ultimately changes cost potentials. If that were the case the fallback position is that there is the conversation of building in trigger points in our development to move to higher levels of construction ie 30 cars a day could allow for an initial step of construction and when we get to 100 cars or 300 cars a day then it triggers the next level of build for the roads. This way the cost impact is aligned with our own growth development


The short version from our point of view is that if we are going to present a polished, elevated experience at the shooting range we feel, and have mentioned in the council meeting, that our members experience should begin when they turn onto the road to the facility and no just when they enter the gates. The last thing we want is to have vehicles negotiating pot holes….or suffering a paint chip.

F150 - R8


Rest assured though that when we open, you will be able to drive safely and comfortably either in your jacked-up F-150 or your low ride R8


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